The Urinator Kit Review – How to use the Urinator Kit?

If you are looking to pass a urine test, then one of the essential things which you have to keep in mind is the warmness. A Urinator Kit can help you in such scenarios. It uses two 9-volt Duracell batteries, which can keep the warmth of your pee for about 4 hours.

Radically, a Urinator Kit is pretty much reliable and reusable, and nothing in the market can touch its abilities. It is the compact and straightforward product to use specially designed to keep your pee heated. Overall, the kit packs up with a digitally controlled self-regulated heating element, temperature test strips, a calibrated bottle filling device, an operating manual, as well as different powdered urine samples.

Components of Urinator Kit

Here are some of the essential components which come with the urinator kit so that you can clear your drug test.

drug test requirements

i) A 100ml dual-port vinyl IV bag and a liquid crystal thermometer. The bag has to fill with the donor sample using the 60ml syringe.

ii) The kit comes with a stainless steel sensor rod. This particular rod helps you to regulate the temperature and is inserted in one of the IV bags ports and connected with the digital controller.

iii) A computerized digital controller which is used to maintain an ideal temperature. It is entirely sealed and can prevent electrical shorting.

iv) You will get a flexible silicon heater connected with the controller. This heater is designed to heat the contents.

v) The vinyl tubing is responsible for releasing the IV bags contents.

vi) You’ll get two 9-Volt battery connectors and is connected to the controller.

vii) It packs up thermal insulating mini-blanket that wraps up the heater and IV bag.


How to use the Urinator Kit?

I have already mentioned that using a Urinator Kit is quite an easy task. You must use this practice at home by reading the full manual.

Step 1. In case you’re doing a live test, then quickly fill the bag with 75 to 80 ml of warm, clean urine with the help of a syringe.

Note – You can use warm water if you’re not performing the live test.

Step 2. Eliminate as much as the air you can and screw cap back on the tube. Any excess air can create hindrance in healing process of urine.

Step 3. Only use the Duracell battery of Urinator Kit and fold the insulating fabric blanket shut and secure the Velcro ends.

Note – Do remember that you have to use both the 9-Volt batteries.

Step 4. When the liquid crystal temperature ranges between 98 to 100, you can give the samples.

The Conclusion

Well, the price of the Urinator Kit is a bit high. But it can be the ultimate solution for your drug test requirements.


You can use it as many times as you want, but if you are among those who are subjected to drug testing, then Urinator Kit can help you in saving thousands of bucks. The cost of a Urinator Kit is around $170 in which you get powered urine as a sample.


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